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Life is full of challenges, some harder than others...

Our client's are our priority. 
Our mission is to help our clients live with peace and happiness in their heart, body and mind through increasing emotional resilience.

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At Tame your Mind we recognise that each person is unique,
that's why there's no one size fits all approach around here!

As an integrative practitioner I draw from a variety of modalities.
They all work beautifully both together and independently for lasting change.
Don't worry if you don't know which modality or service is right for you,
the important thing is that you're here considering change....
Debbie can give you more information if you'd like it.

Our services are diverse -
we offer:

Tomatis® Method

An at home music based brain training system that may improve well-being by increasing emotional resilience, attention, focus, ability to communicate and aims to reduce feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, impulsivity, burnout, stress, post concussion syndrome, poor sleep and much more

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is all about achieving goals.  Engaging with life coach gives a person an impartial accountability or thinking partner.  Life coaches also hold space for personal growth empowering their clients toward reaching their goals which may include increasing emotional resilience along the way

Energy Healing

For those who are open to the concept that emotions, beliefs and imbalances in the body have an energetic component or vibration.  This weight or vibration can be released, freeing the body and mind through Emotion Code™, Body Code™ and Belief Code™ for greater well-being.


The style of hypnotherapy used at Tame your Mind is visualisation in the form of regression or inner child healing.

By looking back to the past with kindness and without judgment we can learn how the past reflects into our present and future and begin to understand ourselves at a much deeper level.

Our Clients

Life's challenges can feel overwhelming and can rob us of
peace and/or happiness.
Our purpose is to empower people to bring peace and happiness into their heart, body and mind by supporting them to increase their emotional resilience.
Some of the life challenges our clients come to us with are listed below:

✓ Reaching personal goals

✓ Communication issues

✓ Difficulty with getting started and then completing tasks

✓ Issues with unresourceful Limiting Beliefs 

✓ Life changes and challenges

✓ Issues with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

✓ Difficulty managing emotions

✓ Difficulty with Focus and Attention

✓ Feelings of Burnout 

✓ Issues with Anger, Frustration and Self Sabotage

✓ Inability to feel connection with others

✓ Difficulty with finding the right words (spoken and written)

✓ Difficulty with fluency of speech or reading out loud

✓ Difficulty with social situations and making or keeping friendships

✓ Feelings of Anxiety

✓ Feelings of Depression

✓ Fears and Phobias

✓ Difficulty coping with long term symptoms of concussion 

✓ Balance and Co-Ordination Issues

✓ Difficulty listening in noisy environments

✓ Difficulty remembering spoken instructions

✓ Difficulty with Impulsivity

Work with Debbie to increase emotional resilience

Debbie's priority is supporting people to find peace and happiness in their heart, body and mind through increasing emotional resilience.

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Please Note:

Tame your Mind is not a Medical or Mental Health Agency or Service. 
We are not trained medical or mental health professionals. 
Our training is to help clients move beyond life challenges that they believe are holding them back. 
While our services this may contribute to increasing a person's overall emotional resilience, it is not a replacement for dedicated medical or mental health help, support, diagnosis or advice.
If you are looking for a mental health service please click the link below for a list of agencies providing assistance.