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Why strive to improve emotional resilience?

At Tame your Mind we recognise that it's not just a given that people can manage their emotions

Emotions are part of what makes us human, we can't escape them. 
They all have a role to play in our lives. Sometimes, they create a lightness and at other times a heaviness and sometimes they can even get a little too loud, which makes it harder to focus on peace and happiness.

That's where emotional resilience comes in.
It's like learning how to manage the volume of our emotions, so that we can experience them without becoming overwhelmed. By understanding our emotions and how they impact us, we can navigate life's ups and downs and achieve our goals with greater ease, achieving that inner peace and happiness we all deserve.

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The ways we help people improve emotional resilience are:

Tomatis® Method

Did you know that approximately 80% of sensory information comes to the brain through the ear! And that your ears never sleep.

Through improving the ability to listen, which means to hear sound without unpleasant emotional reactions, we can improve emotional resilience.

This is achieved through an at home listening programme where the client listens to specific 'filtered and gated' music to train the ear muscles and brain which can increase emotional resilience.  There are numerous benefits from completing a listening programme including improving overall well-being.

Life Coaching

Working with a life coach is all about increasing our self awareness and embracing self improvement as we navigate the obstacles and challenges that confront us in the pursuit of goals.

Goals are ideas or things we aspire to.  It doesn't matter how big or little the goal is, the purpose of a goal is that it gives us a point of focus to strive towards, giving us room to grow as individuals and develop our skills along the way.

Another role of a life coach is an impartial, confidant that we can use as a thinking or accountability partner as we navigate towards our goals.


The style of hypnotherapy used at Tame your Mind is visualisation in the form of regression or inner child healing.

By looking back to the past with kindness and without judgment we can learn how the past reflects into our present and future and begin to understand ourselves at a much deeper level.

Deep level changes are able to be gained in regard to how a person sees themselves, others and the world around them as in the process of the visualisation they 'heal' old wounds.

Visualisation is a gentle process which uses the wisdom of hindsight in a positive way.

Energy Healing

Energy work is not within the belief systems of every one and I respect that.

For those who are interested in the  quantum physics concept that everything is energy because everything is either a vibration and/or matter Emotion Code®, Body Code® and Belief Code® could well make sense to them.

The theory behind Emotion Code®, Body Code® and Belief Code® is that emotions and many imbalances in the body such as trauma and beliefs carry a unique vibration which can be released from the body by a practitioner or a person willing to learn how to do it for themselves.

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Please Note:

Tame your Mind is not a Medical or Mental Health Agency or Service. 
We are not trained medical or mental health professionals. 
Our training is to help clients move beyond life challenges that they believe are holding them back. 
While our services this may contribute to increasing a person's overall emotional resilience, it is not a replacement for dedicated mental health help, support, diagnosis or advice.
If you are looking for a mental health service please click the link below for a list of agencies providing assistance.

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